We aim to provide refugees in Greek camps, shelters, and housing communities with a source of emotional expression and economic self-empowerment while giving them a platform to spread awareness of the conditions in which they live and their varied and largely unmet needs. We provide donation-funded art supplies to the refugees–men, women, and children alike–then exhibit and sell the resulting works of art around the world with the help of communities that help to host art shows. We return one hundred percent of the earnings from the sale of refugees’ artwork to the artist who created each piece.

​We additionally raise funds for, purchase, and distribute material aid to fill the immediate and unmet needs of these and other refugees. This aid includes but is not limited to tents and sleeping bags for refugees sleeping outside, long term housing for particularly vulnerable individuals and their families, hygiene products for women and children, and food for refugees with no financial aid that are living in camps and housing communities.

We have held 153 exhibitions around the world with the support of local volunteers. Have we been to your city yet?