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I am a U.S. citizen, from Durango, Colorado, working for a major airline. I am based in Frankfurt, Germany. I have been volunteering my time for the last year and a half collecting and distributing clothing from the U.S. and sending them to many parts of Europe, especially in northern Greece where I work in one of the refugee camps. I am implementing ways for refugees to create, design and fill their time whilst waiting for their asylum. Through our art project, Nea Kavala Art Without Borders on Facebook, we have created a lovely traveling exhibition to create awareness, show the art from the children and those that have been displaced and generate support for the many families that I have met along this journey.
This is the most challenging time for all of us, but we must let love win and work together in solidarity for the good of all humankind. Join me on this journey to make a difference!

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These sketches were drawn by 11-year-old Elnaz, originally from Afghanistan. Elnaz, her mother, and her three minor siblings were granted reunification with their father in Sweden. The family has not seen the father in over two years. Himalaya Travel informed the family that if they want to book a flight for travel in September, they must pay 1215 euro to the travel agency by end of July. The family has been trying to scrape together the money. The family has spent the past 16 months in Greece, the majority of that time living in deplorable conditions at Elliniko camp, until its recent closure. In Greece, the mother is a single woman, caring for four minor children (three girls, ages 11, 14, and 17 and one boy, age 8. Needless to say, she is hoping to reunify with her husband as quickly as possible.
We are trying to raise funds so that Elnaz and her family can join their father in Sweden in September. If you are interested in purchasing one of her sketches to contribute to the travel costs for the family, please send me a PM. Any help toward travel costs is greatly and sincerely appreciated.
Our friend and volunteer Trapalis Vicki has supplied the girl with some supplies so more sketches will be available soon.
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Can't believe they're making families pay for their own tickets. We all pitched in and are sending one family that's been in Greece almost 1 1/2 years to Germany today. Thank the heavens above.
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We are proud to be a part of the children's art exhibition for the Aegean Art festival in Crete this year. Thank you for the opportunity! #neakavalaartwithoutborders #art #kunst #artheals #childrenoftomorrow

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Attention surfers, water skiers and divers!

We’re making a call out to anyone that has a wet suit to donate and send to us for Lesbos, Greece. These are very useful in helping our volunteers on the front line who are singlehandedly taking the refugees out of the cold water and bringing them to safe grounds. Whether you’re in the U.S., Europe or anywhere else we can give you an address or drop off location so you can send them to us.

If you would like to donate one we have some links available of wetsuits that are recommended.

Feel free to PM me with any questions and thank you in advance for your donations!


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