Athens Community Center

After many months of work, we are very near to opening our own Community Center in Athenss. It is a beautiful, two-floor, 124 square-meter space in the heart of the Kypseli neighborhood, very close to our soon-to-be-opened Community Housing Building.

This Community Center will serve as our new Headquarters, with office space and a distribution center. It will also include classroom space for our art workshops/language and music lessons and will serve as a safe space for refugees to meet. Because if there is one thing we have learned from our years working here in Greece, it is that above all of the supplies and distribution and tangible help we can offer our fellow humans, what these displaced people truly need is to know that they belong to a community and that there is a safe, welcoming space out there for them to confidently, lovingly and safely grow.

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Golden House Accomodation Program

With the support of generous donors, Love Without Borders for Refugees in Need (LWB) manages an extensive accommodation program to support the most vulnerable refugees in Athens. This includes those who have received a second denial in the asylum process, victims of gender-based violence, and those with no other options for housing who are living on the streets of Athens.

We provide housing, food, and material aid essential to survival for up to one year. During this time, LWB helps ensure those we support will gain the means for independence. This may include providing them English or Greek language lessons, helping them find sources of income for economic independence, connecting them socially within the Athenian community, and finding essential medical or legal aid.

. We are proud to announce that we have just purchased a building, Golden House, that will house up to eight families at a time. This helps us ensure a safe community experience for the families we’re supporting.

Our sponsorship program saves lives and helps individuals and families find stability and gain autonomy over their lives over the course of one year. We are grateful to our donors who make this possible and help us continue this very important work. Contact Kayra Martinez if you are interested in becoming a sponsor.

To sponsor a single refugee for one year, it costs 5,580 Euros. This total includes the cost of accomodation for 12 months, as well as the cost of food and essential bills. It can be paid in one installment, or in monthly payments of 465 Euros.

To sponsor a woman and her child, it costs 6,840 Euros. This total includes the cost of accomodation for 12 months, as well as the cost of food and essential bills. It can be paid in one installment, or in monthly payments of 570 Euros.

To sponsor a refugee family for one year, it costs 8,100 Euros. This total includes the cost of accommodation for 12 months, as well as the cost of food and essential bills. It can be paid in one installment, or in monthly payments of 675 Euros.

Animals Without Borders

Six years ago, my 14 year old Syrian friend/translator and I noticed many stray dogs and cats and decided to do something to help. We are now partnering with local folks to support these stray animals. We have taken many out of the camp and brought them to a local dog hotel, treat them and get them prepared to fly out of the country after we find a happy home for them.

First, we make sure that the stray animals in the camps are receiving the food and medical attention they need, including treatment for ticks, spaying, and neutering. Second, we work to place animals in a forever home; this often means preparing passports and required items to fly out of the country. We have taken over 60 dogs and cats out of the camp, treated them, prepared them for travel, and found them a happy home.

Wahid Wahid /واحد تلو الآخر (One by One)

To further encourage our main principle of empowerment and solidarity over charity, we have launched a new project, Wahid Wahid /واحد تلو الآخر (One by One).

The idea is simple: One by one, we will work alongside individuals for one year to create and sustain their own business.  The individual is responsible for all business plans, product creation, marketing/advertising, and execution. However, we will be there every step to help start-ups and support that individual in this transition; however we can for their first year. 

We have already been having success with the first individual we started the project about six months ago.  Nour was a tailor back in Afghanistan. When we met, he was sleeping in the park with his four-year-old daughter, as many refugees do in Greece.  After telling me about his life and craft back home, we decided to ask for your help to purchase a sewing machine and materials to get him started and a little help for rent.  In just a few months, he has already been able to earn money making masks and is on track to be completely self-sufficient in the next few months, which is when his year is up with us.  If you would like to help support Nour or place an order for masks, send me a private message.  

Because of your outpouring of support, we have decided to continue and take on a few more individuals and would be grateful yet again for your help.  ***To donate, PLEASE PayPal Or
With ONLY “Project 1-1” and NOTHING ELSE in the memo line. In order for us to receive your donation and for it to not get blocked by PayPal, I cannot stress enough that NOTHING but “Project 1-1” be written. If, for any reason, you are unsure, please feel free to contact me directly.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to get people on their feet again. We hope this project will take off, and we can see people prospering in every corner of the world.